Gotham Knights

The story

Crime has always run rampant on the streets of Gotham, but now there is a new breed of criminal on the loose. However, a band of unlikely allies has banded together in an effort to bring order to the streets.

The Party

  • Ralph Segar, A.K.A. Night Man. Ralph is a middle aged high school history teacher. His life was turned upside down 3 years ago when his wife was killed in a traffic accident. Depression then caused him to slowly slip into alcoholism. He became involved in the rescuing of one of his students from the killer Zsasz, and has since stopped drinking and taken up the mask of the Night Man, as he uses his advanced martial arts skills to defend the citizens of Gotham.
  • John “Lazarus” Smith, A.K.A. General Chaos. John is a former Green Beret who was dishonorably discharged after participating in the massacre of an entire village in Iraq. After being discharged, John was plagued by nightmares and found normal life difficult. He became homeless on the streets of Gotham, but when the opportunity to save the life of his nephew’s girlfriend came up, he grabbed it. He now patrols the streets as General Chaos, using his military equipment and training to help atone for the sins of his past.
  • Chuck Smith, Alias unknown. Chuck is a 12 year old genius who has advanced to high school at a young age. He is the son of the mayor of Gotham, but is resentful towards his mother for not being around more. He was drifting towards a life of crime when his girlfriend was kidnapped. He joined with his uncle and history teacher in a battle against the mob and the demented killer Zsasz to get her back. He now sits at a crossroad, as he ponders whether to use his new found power for good, or for evil.

Gotham Knights

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